We import a hand-selected portfolio of high quality,

award-winning wines from Virginia into the UK

We believe that Virginia with its unique combination of excellent wineries, stunning landscapes, history, and culture, will strongly appeal to the U.K. market.

Chris Parker, founder of New Horizon Wines

Chris Parker, founder of New Horizon Wines

Chris Parker, the man behind New Horizon Wines, is originally from London, England, but has lived in Virginia for almost 20 years. As a successful entrepreneur he had been following the development of the Virginia wineries and in 2004 started to turn his attention to the improving quality and increased production of Virginia wineries.

During the early 1980s in the UK Chris was in the early stage of his technology career, had a taste for good wine, an inquisitive nature, and entrepreneurial spirit. He started to search for excellent wines and with a friend, Alan Walton, he formed a wine company specializing in high quality wines from lesser known regions. Their portfolio included wines from Spain, California, and New Zealand that are world class wines now. They kept their ‘day jobs’ but had a great time exploring the world for excellent wines.

Fast forward to Virginia 2004 and Chris started to see the same international potential in Virginia as he had seen in other regions of the world. His passion for wine, culinary arts and the ‘wine lifestyle’, timed with the acquisition of the software company he co-founded, opened the door for Chris to begin a new chapter, and New Horizon Wines was born.

Virginia, with its historical connections to the U.K., is developing a reputation for world class wines that is now being recognized internationally. At New Horizon Wines we are proud to import into the UK, a hand-selected portfolio of high quality wines from Virginia.