Veritas WineryVeritas Winery, a family business owned by Andrew and Patricia Hodson, began operations in 1999 and produced their first vintage in 2001.  With the help of their daughter Emily they have succeeded in consistently producing a range of complex and elegant wines. The idyllic setting is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Veritas wines are all unique and of high quality. Their philosophy is to make wine with the classic, old-style principles of viticulture and vinification, at the same time using state of the art technology to capture varietal and regional character.

Veritas vineyardsThe Vineyards
Veritas Winery has over 13 hectares of vineyards on their Estate where they grow several grape varieties including Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Viognier.  Additionally, Veritas leases 7.6 hectares of vineyard at Ivy Creek near Charlottesville and also purchase grapes from vineyards located in the Monticello AVA.

Although their name derives from the Roman historian Pliny the Elder’s observation: “In Vino Veritas” ~ “In Wine There Is Truth,” the truth of their wines,  they believe is in the grapes. With that as her credo, Patricia takes responsibility for the year-round cultivation and care of the vines.  She carefully monitors the grapes throughout the growing season, and only the best fruit is selected for the crush.

Emily Pelton

Winemaker Emily Pelton

The Winemaker
Winemaking is the domain of Andrew and daughter Emily Pelton who are committed to capturing the varietal character of the grapes. After completing her Masters in Oenology at Virginia Tech, Emily joined the family venture full-time. She puts the quality of wine above everything – constantly working on characterizing the terroir of the vineyards in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Let Emily tell you more about the wines in this short video produced by Virginia Wines.

The Wines